Research Activities

Anchor For Section: What are research activities?

What are research activities? 

Research activities are studies that students participate in three times a year and take the form of online surveys. 

Anchor For Section: Who creates research activities?

Who creates research activities? 

Research activities are created by Research Network researchers interested in generating scientific insights about the success and well-being of kids.


Our researchers include well-known and emerging experts in adolescent development, behavioral economics, neuroscience, sociology, and other disciplines from a wide range of universities around the country. Character Lab vets researchers on our network through a rigorous application process and supports researchers throughout the research process.


Character Lab also supports underrepresented researchers, including researchers of color, those from low-income backgrounds, and early-career researchers. 


Many of the Character Lab Playbooks and Tips are written by Research Network researchers. 

Anchor For Section: When does my school participate in research activities?

When does my school participate in research activities?

Schools engage in research three times per school year—in the fall, winter, and spring. Exact dates for the upcoming school year are determined every spring with input from districts and are communicated to schools over the summer.


Schools schedule 30 minutes for students to participate during activity windows.