Anchor For Section: What is CLIP?

What is CLIP?

CLIP is a remote, year-round program where high school students contribute to research on student well-being. CLIPsters are trained to provide feedback to researchers and receive stipends for their expertise. Each participating CLRN high school has up to two CLIPsters as a part of the program. Students apply and are accepted as CLIPsters in the spring.

Anchor For Section: What are CLIPsters’ primary responsibilities?

What are CLIPsters' primary responsibilities?

CLIPsters’ primary role is to represent student voice in the research process. As such, they give feedback on every study that runs on CLRN in order to ensure that it is relevant, applicable, and interesting to students at their school. 


CLIP is a flexible program, and students are free to choose their level of engagement. CLIPsters have the opportunity to test activities, participate in focus groups and interviews, and give written feedback on researchers’ studies. They are compensated for their work with a quarterly stipend, which increases in value depending on their level of engagement.


CLIPsters also serve as ambassadors for Character Lab at their schools, helping to promote participation in Character Lab research activities among their peers.

Anchor For Section: Who do CLIPsters work with?

Who do CLIPsters work with?

CLIPsters interact with Character Lab team members and Character Lab Research Network (CLRN) researchers. They join a strong community of students with similar interests from around the country.


All interactions with Character Lab staff and affiliated researchers take place only through Character Lab’s safe and secure virtual platforms. These platforms include (but are not limited to) email, Zoom, Slack, and Asana. All students are trained to use these platforms safely and efficiently.

Anchor For Section: Do CLIPsters get paid?

Do CLIPsters get paid?

Yes. All CLIPsters receive a generous quarterly stipend for participation in the program. Stipend amounts vary based on students’ level of participation in the program.

Anchor For Section: Who is eligible to apply?

Who is eligible to apply?

Any student who will be attending a CLRN-participating high school in 2021-2022 is welcome to apply. There are no academic or GPA requirements to be part of CLIP. We strongly encourage students from identity groups that have been historically underrepresented or marginalized to apply.