Character Lab Convening

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What is Convening?

Character Lab Convening is a professional development opportunity designed for educators, researchers, coaches, and parents interested in understanding how to help kids thrive. All Convening participants learn about groundbreaking research in adolescent development and how to apply research findings to real-world environments. School partners have access to exclusive sessions to learn about their groundbreaking role in school-based research, how to apply research to their school community, and plan for upcoming research activities. 

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When and where does Convening take place?

Convening is a virtual conference—you can attend from anywhere! Convening takes place during the summer to allow our partners to incorporate learning for the upcoming school year.

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Who attends Convening?

Anyone interested in learning actionable advice to help kids thrive is welcome. Character Lab encourages educators, coaches, parents, and anyone who works with adolescents to attend. While Convening is open to all, there will be exclusive professional development and programming for current school partners. Each partner sends their School Research Leads, school leaders, district officials, and CLIPsters to the conference.

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What can I expect at Convening?

General attendees can expect to learn actionable advice on how to help kids thrive. Researchers and experts in adolescent well-being will share insights from recent research on topics such as encouraging motivation, the importance of role models, and how mindset impacts achievement.


Character Lab school partners will also have access to tailored professional development sessions. These sessions include workshops to learn about new research insights and opportunities to talk to other CLRN members about applying these discoveries.